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  Taizhou Dongtai Bearing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. More than 80% products exported the United States, the European Union, Japan, Taiwan and other 
countries and regions. The State Economic and Trade Commission approved it the export base for mechanical and electrical products. Also, it is assedssed as Zhejiang high-techenterprise.

  The company has maintained a good technical cooperation with the Luoyang Bearing Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Industry. It is the national 
bearing quality supervision and inspection center monitoring companies. And again in 1998 the industry passed the ISO9002 quality system certification. Many well-known domestic brands authorized to produce percision bearings.

  Based on "better,higher, stronger"quality policy and unity, pragmatic, pioneering and innocative enterpreneurial spirit, the company has gained rapid development in recent years.







HUbei Wheat-straw Environmental Technoligues CO., Ltd.is Asia's most technologies advanced manufacturer of sustainble high disposable foodservice paskaging.We specialize in the desigh and manufacture of food packiaging products.The ecofriendly food packaging products are mircrowave safe,freezer safe,as well as oil and water-resistant.These products are among the highest quality and most competitive pricein the food packaging industry.We use SD-P08 Automatic Production cost by approximately 30%.Wheat-straw's philosophy is to always strive for oustanding quality,superior customer service,environmental friendliness,and energy savings.Our company works for all over the world.





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